Yashin Sushi Bar

Our menu is centered around Japanese tapas, and we are committed to finding you exactly what you need. We offer a wide range of hot and cold dishes including carpaccio, tempura and sushi rolls. We also supply a large selection of sake to enhance and complement your meal.

Why Choose Us?

Irasshaimase! We are Yashin Ocean House, a Japanese restaurant breaking the barrier between contemporary and traditional with our innovative menu of Japanese tapas and signature omakase sushi. With some of the world's leading experts in Japanese cuisine, our concepts are not the ordinary, standard sushi experience you might be familiar with. Our chefs are committed and dedicated to giving you an outstanding memorable experience. The unique sushi concept is “without soy sauce, but if you want it”. This concept was created by our co founder and Executive chef Shinya Ikeda who works diligently to ensure that each piece of sushi served is brushed with just the right amount of soy sauce and topped with an accompaniment that harmonises the flavour of the fish. But of course our first priority is you and we can serve as much soy sauce as you desire. Our aim is to serve you the best ingredients and finest delicacies in the world such as our richly marbled Hida wagyu which is completely exclusive to Yashin. What are you looking for?

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About Us

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Yashin Ocean House was founded by two close friends Yasuhiro Mineno and Shinya Ikeda in 2013 following the success of Yashin Sushi Bar. Their passion for Japanese cuisine resulted in creating a unique restaurant dedicated to giving the best possible dining experience to London diners. Another original concept the founders created is ‘head to tail’ dining. This concept is the innovative idea of having no wastage of the fish it is an extremely environmentally friendly concept that makes Yashin Ocean House unlike any restaurant you’ve been to before. Our staff is devoted to catering to your every need and serving you food to tantalize your taste buds.


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